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We are excited for you to join us on the 30 Day Get Outta Bed Workout Challenge. The goal for this challenge is for you to workout for 5 minutes each morning starting August 1st. We will upload a new 5 minute workout video every day to our website and on our @kotfitfamilyapp Instagram page.

To be eligible for the grand prize, you must do the following:

Step 1 - Download the KOFIT app on iOS or Android devices

Step 2 - Before August 8th you must send @kofitfamilyapp a screenshot for proof that you have downloaded the KOFIT app or register on our partners website, where you can upload proof of your screenshot.

Step 3 - Do the workouts with us every morning! The daily workout videos will be uploaded to our Instagram feed, story, and website by 2 AM EST this way you are ready to go no matter the time you wake up.

Step 4 - Tag us on Instagram throughout the month after you do the workouts @kofitfamilyapp, @stickk, and #getouttabedchallenge. Make sure to take videos and pictures after the workouts!

Step 5 - Once you complete the 30 day challenge, create a 60 second or less video detailing what you learned from the challenge, what healthy habits you developed, and how exercising each morning for 5 minutes made you feel. You can either DM us the video privately on Instagram or post the video to your feed. Make sure to tag @kofitfamilyapp, @stickk, and #getouttabedchallenge for your post. Please include photos and videos of you working out in your video. If you are using the stickK platform for the competition, you can also upload your video through their platform.

Step 6 - Videos must be submitted between September 1st - September 10th to be eligible. A winner will be chosen and announced September 15th on Instagram.