a little taste of kofit

We hope you enjoy this quick and easy 5 minute home workout… no excuses! :)

We are extremely excited for you to join KOFIT. We believe that short daily routines in exercise and mindfulness lead to a healthier and happier life. And trust me, even with the busy schedule of a mom, wife, actress, and business woman, I can still get it done.



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Evening Meditation with Boris

I want to give you a sneak peak of what the app offers besides just home workouts. I have been practicing my meditation for the past 20+ years. It has helped me reduce stress and put my mind on the proper path for happiness and success. Give me 5 minutes. I want you to close your eyes, listen, and breathe deeply. Focus on my voice and i’ll guide you.


Try a quick yoga session that your kids will enjoy!

Yoga is so important in my life. I love that yoga can be done anywhere - anytime. You do not need fancy gym equipment or a gym membership. It’s something you can do by yourself, with your spouse or with your children. Yoga is a fun alternative to video games and playing on iPad’s… your kids will LOVE it! Our kids actually ask to workout with us at home… Pretty crazy right?


I want to help put nutrition and dieting in simple terms for you.

Being healthy starts with the foods you eat. Some of my clients say “I want to lose 30 pounds.” I tell them that in that case you have to eat, think, workout and sleep like the version of yourself that is 30 pounds lighter. I want to teach you how to eat properly in order to get your body in the ideal shape for YOUR lifestyle. There is no crash dieting or crazy scientific formulas to KOFIT. It’s just you, me and the rest of the Kodjoe’s.


Kids should exercise too!

Exercise is a big part of our family’s life. We like to be active and spend as much time together as possible. Just to be clear, our parents don’t wake us up in the morning before school and tell us to do 50 squats, they simply incorporate fun activities into our day. It definitely beats sitting on the couch all day.

—Sophie, Nicolas, and Ruby